A merry Easter weekend

Well, Easter was a blast. Other than being a bit chilly here or there, we mostly had great weather for the four days of the Cadbury’s Egg Hunt held here at Prior Park. It was a bit slow on Friday morning but it picked up by the afternoon and we were busy for the rest of the long weekend, welcoming over 2,500 guests to the garden during this time and raising an impressive amount for the continued conservation of the property.

We set up the start and finish to the trail next to each other in the Cabinet at the top of the garden. Over 800 trails were undertaken, both children and adults eagerly getting stuck into helping William the woodlouse to find the secret Easter password. At various points around the garden, those on the hunt would come across an egg poster where one of Williams friends, such as George the grasshopper or Daphne the damselfly, would give them a puzzle clue to work out in order to retrieve a few letters of the password. Once the hunters had finished the trail, the password would be complete and they would find themselves back at the finish gazebo where they would be able to exchange the password for a special chocolatey prize – a Cadbury’s Easter rabbit.


We had loads of really positive feedback from those that got involved in the egg hunt and it seemed as though it had been a good balance between being entertaining, accessible and challenging enough that it was able to engage all ages. There were even some groups that came back where the kids had been successful while the adults had struggled to figure out all of the clues – however, they were not left disappointed as everyone received their prize providing they had given it a good shot.

A very fun weekend had by all and far too much chocolate consumed…




  1. Clare Pooley · April 23, 2017

    I’m glad it was a success!

    Liked by 1 person

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